This is ROOM77, the restaurant at the end of capitalism:
warm beer, cold women and fast food made slow.

We prefer incomming wetware-traffic through our brick-and-mortar port over everything else:

Port 77
D-10967 Berlin
Solar System
Milky Way
Virgo Supercluster

We do like incomming electronic traffic on TCP-Port 8333 (17fHXHDB8cQhKvoxV2yfUSVo7LGogY7NGR).

SMTP-packets to port 25 (info[at] may very likely get a response just as much as electrons sent to our telephoney landline-device (+49.30.31102260).

Other than that we're too fucking cool to brag about ourselves through port 80 and instead let others do that for us. Just scroogle us!